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Uses of Stem Cells

The human body is composed of raw materials that keep regenerating and thus making up the whole body they include stem cells. The stem cells are important to helping the body as they give rise to other important body cells. In modern medicinal world doctors have done research on the other uses of stem cells apart from giving rise to other body cells. The stem cells in a body of an adult are found in most of adult tissues while for young ones are found embryonic cells. The importance of stem cells is evident as they are the main raw material of the body formation. Following are other innovative uses of stem cells apart from normal functioning of the body.

Stem cells are important as they are used in treating joint injuries of the body. The body joints sometimes suffer injuries due to certain causes such as lock of tissue growth. Stem cells mesenchymal are used in treating knees, hips and shoulders in stem cell therapy. Chiropractors are using stem cells therapy in treating injuries on joints of the body. Joints and body muscles may have poor tissue growth which in turn rise to joints and muscles not functioning well, but with therapy this is treatable. Research indicates that many chiropractors use stem cells injection to patients suffering from joint injuries due to degeneration to promote cell regeneration thus healing the joint injuries.

The brain also requires regular cells regeneration, this is important as the brain is integral to other normal functioning of body organs. The brain is affected due to causes such as age or poor cell regeneration process, researchers are using stem cells as their baseline in trying how to help damaged brain regenerate cells again. The brain is composed of a number of cells that helps in its normal functioning in coordinating other body organs.The cells are regenerated by the stem cells. Poor regeneration of brain cells can result to poor functioning of other body organs due to bad coordination. The effect of poor brain functioning is low memory and poor judgement. Doctors use stem cells in helping the brain to regenerate cells thus normal functioning. Stem cell is introduced to damaged brain neurons so as to protect them as they don’t fix themselves.

The main use of stem cells is regeneration, thus they are used in replacing worn out tissues and organs. The worn out tissues and organs means they can no longer function well like before thus the need to have a replacement. Since the main function of stem cell is regeneration, doctors use them in replacing the worn out tissues and organs. Organs are also replaced by the use of stem cells. Tissues are created by the use of stem cells. This is evident in cases of surgery as created tissues are used to replace the removed ones.

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